Welcome to the Combined Emergency Medicine-Internal Medicine Residency Training Program

  • Establish and nurture an EM-IM training program of distinction.
  • Goal of producing exceptional physician leaders of clinical, administrative, and academic medicine.
  • Equal emphasis on emergency, inpatient and ambulatory patient care so that a graduating resident will be highly-skilled and adept at practicing in any combination of settings.
  • Unique strength is affiliation with the Veterans Affairs, the largest health-care network in the country with its extensive educational and research programs, including quality and patient safety initiatives.
  • Provide opportunities to emphasize Observation Medicine, Ultrasound, and Global Health.

The combined EM-IM residency program at VCU is an expansion of the existing and well established EM and IM residencies & began training in July 2011. Our program grew out of the realization that there is going to be an ever increasing need for dual trained physicians in the changing landscape of modern healthcare. We are the 12th IM-EM program in the country, and accept two residents per year.

Our program's clinical training, like the respective parent programs, is at both VCU Medical Center and McGuire VA Medical Center. Both sites benefit from excellent full time teaching faculty and offer unique patient care settings and patient populations. The Department of Emergency Medicine has several EM-IM and EM-Critical Care faculty who will provide outstanding mentorship to the program residents.

Graduates of EM-IM programs have traditionally accepted academic positions and a growing number are now able to utilize both aspects of their training. The EM-IM faculty at VCU work shifts in the ED, the observation unit, as well as attend on the wards. Our program prepares our trainees for any of the limitless career options available to them at graduation. One unique niche for the EM-IM practitioner is the management of ED Observation Units that can mitigate long wait times and ED overcrowding. Other common paths taken by EM-IM graduates include research, academic and administrative positions, research, and subspecialty training in Internal Medicine and/or Emergency Medicine.

Late in the Second year of training, residents will pick a specific direction they would like their training to take based on the future career goals. The EM-IM schedule has been designed to allow the unique residents drawn to the program the ability to tailor their training appropriate to the many varied paths they may take. There are pre existing tracks in both the Emergency Medicine program and the Internal Medicine program that residents can choose. Alternatively, residents can tailor their training with a large selection of EM-IM specific rotations that correspond with the unique career paths the combined residents take.

VCU Health System | Richmond VAMC Updated 07/03/2019